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Call for Project Proposals Developers

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Venue: YEU is where YOU are!
Deadline: 01/02/2018 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) is looking for experts on preparation of project proposals.


Diversification of funding is one of priorities of YEU. We, as organization, want to diversify the sources of funding and discover new possibilities for organizing YEU events. Unfortunately, YEU projects are mostly funded by the same funding sources, and it is bringing us to a quite dependant situation. We believe that there are many other opportunities for supporting youth events on local, national or European/global level waiting for us! CSR, crowd-funding, state-funding – all these opportunities are out there!

But why do we need your support? YEU Administrative Office is made of small number of people focused on everyday work and different processes of YEU. We want to create the best possible conditions for YEU and our Member Organizations without missing opportunities.


We are looking for project proposal developers – people with experience and fresh and new ideas to work with us!

Preferable profile of a project proposal developer:

Experienced in development of project proposals for different funding programmes
Excellent understanding of youth sector and needs of young people nowadays
Able to objectively analyse the existing situation and identify the root causes of problems
Able to set appropriate and achievable objectives
Able to develop a Logical Framework
Able to plan the proposal
Able to communicate your proposal to donors clearly and effectively
Fluency in English
Close cooperation with YEU AO or MO and strict respect of agreed deadlines and methodology of work will be obligatory.

What are we going to do with your applications?

YEU will create a Pool of Project Proposal Developers – a database of experts with information on your expertise and share it with YEU Member Organizations.

How are you going to be paid?

You will be paid based on percentage which will be agreed with YEU or YEU Member Organization.

Intellectual property

Developed project proposal will be property of YEU or YEU Member Organization.

If you are interested, apply here.
To apply to this event you need to login or register here