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Call for trainers for ‘Variety is the spice of life’ training course

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Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Start: 22/11/2019
End: 30/11/2019
Deadline: 31/07/2019 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: YEU is opening a call for 2 Senior trainers and 1 Junior trainer for the training course ‘Variety is the spice of life’, taking place in Brussels in the period of November 22th-30th 2019.

Overview of the project

The vision behind the project is an open-minded and tolerant society providing equal opportunities to all no matter of the background or personal characteristics. This project is directly inspired by the results and the outputs of a previous YEU year long process, focused on the development of innovative NFE tools and methodologies to address the topic of intercultural dialogue from a gender perspective. Through this process, 16 new and innovative tools and approaches have been developed by young people that took part. Through the process called “Variety is the spice of life” we want to further promote the importance of building of an open minded society which can learn how to live together in all its differences. The process will build capacities of youth workers on how to input the gender perspective into intercultural and intergenerational dialogue as a transversal issue in their everyday work and activities, especially when working with migrant communities.
Outcome will be a collection of follow up activities implemented in local communities of participating partners related to topics - gender perspective in intercultural and intergenerational dialogue - with an ambition to establish new practices (mindful language, promoting gender equality in everyday activities, involving wider community).
Main idea of the process is to encourage youth workers/educators/trainers and young people to question current practices and promote new ones, by (re)thinking and (de)constructing cultural and gender norms in local communities.
This process will be focusing on the following topics:
- Testing new approaches, methodologies and activities in intercultural/intergenerational dialogue and gender diversity practices: if we want to contribute to process of better understanding and importance of personal freedoms we need to understand cultural and gender norms in different societies around Europe
- Promoting intercultural, intergenerational and gender perspective in youth work as a cross-cutting/transversal issue: YEU believes youth work should be inclusive and open for all, no matter of background or walks of life. Intercultural dialogue and understanding of gender diversity should be “standards” of youth work
- Supporting acceptance and increasing visibility of Others: if one can’t understand the position of those different than him/her, it is difficult to promote tolerance and coexistence in local communities as small micro-cosmoses of human relations.
The specific objectives of the process are:
- To examine how culture and gender norms and attitudes affect development of personal identities in different societies, provision of equal opportunities and obtaining personal freedoms
- To test new tools and methodologies aimed at deconstructing current practices regarding cultural norms and gender boxes by tackling them through “cycle of life” events (birth, adulthood, death)
- To prepare youth workers, young people and youth organisations to mainstream intercultural/intergenerational dialogue and gender perspective in their work in order and support the process of social cohesion
- To develop competences and encourage youth organisations to use creative and innovative approaches for promotion of pluralism and active democratic participation of youth while acknowledging different cultural backgrounds and gender diversity on local and international level

The process "Variety is the spice of life" consists of 2 mobility activities:

A1: training course “Variety is the spice of life” for 20 youth workers (2 from each partner organisation) from Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal and 4 team members (24 in total - team will be consisted of 3 trainers and 1 organiser) will take place in Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium. These youth workers will take part in the whole process - first, we will build their capacities to work with young people of different backgrounds and input the gender perspective in intercultural and intergenerational dialogue especially if and when working with migrant communities. During the mobility we will follow the new tools and approaches developed through a yearlong process YEU implemented during 2017 following the most important life events - birth, adulthood and death (publication attached).
During A1, we will implement local workshops with youth from local multicultural communities coming from both vulnerable groups (young migrants/refugees with focus on women and LGBTIQ+ persons) as well. Similar activities will happen during A2 mobility.
A2: mobility of two youth workers
A2 is foreseen to be a follow up activity on both international and local level. On local level, each participating organization and youth workers will organize at least one workshop during which they will test the tools they worked on during A1. Testing will be done in their organization, youth centre or even school with young people of different origins. Additionally, during the workshops, youth workers that participated in A1 will brainstorm with local young people but also with the decision makers in the organization how to make it more inclusive.
On local level, there will be 20 youth workers that participated in A1 with 400 young people from local communities (at least 20 per local community)
On European level, there will be 2 youth workers from participating countries coordinating activities on local level, promoting importance of gender mainstreaming among other international organisations and institutions and collecting other examples of good practices around Europe. These two youth workers will also be job shadowing project officer and advocacy officer in YEU office.

- Increased awareness of gender perspective in the youth world

- Youth workers equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and new practical instruments

-Implementation of follow up activities (focused on intercultural/intergenerational dialogue with a gender perspective) in local communities

-Creation of a network of partners and stakeholders that will collaborate to promote and foster equality, inclusion and non-discrimination
As direct results we are expecting:
-capacities of 20 youth workers built on gender perspective in youth work and non-formal education
-improved internal practices of local youth organisations on gender mainstreaming especially in intercultural dialogue
-Compendium of good practices which will encompass improved or new tools in non-formal education related to gender perspective, recommendations on gender mainstreaming in local organisations, youth centres etc, approaches to varieties in local communities and inclusive terminologies and creation of safe space
We are expecting to impact their work regarding the following aspects:
- Broader and deeper understanding of gender and its influence to development of a young person and their interaction with society. We want to build capacities of participating youth workers to facilitate free expression of one’s identity in society and creation of a safety net for those living in more conservative societies
- Terminology used in daily work regarding more gender sensitive language
- Inclusion of different groups of young people in daily work of the partner organisation and later on work of other organisations active in society
- General improvement of internal practices of the organization regarding gender, specifically in organisations working in intercultural and inter-religious societies
Impact on the participants of A2:
Even if only two youth workers will be in YEU office for 2 months with a role to coordinate the follow up activities in 10 countries and create the Compendium, we are expecting following impact on their work:
- Increased professionalization regarding international youth work and practices on European level
- Increased experience in project coordination
- Improved skills in writing publications and articles
- Better networking opportunities and work in the field of advocacy by promoting gender mainstreaming in youth organisations among international organisations and institutions in Brussels

This project is funded by BIJ through Erasmus plus programme.
Selection criteria: Trainers profile

We are looking for 2 Senior trainers and 1 Junior trainer with the following profile:

• Have knowledge and experience on topics covered by the training
• Are willing to collaborate and work for the benefit of the project with respect of deadlines set by YEU
• Are proficient users of English language
Responsibilities of the trainers:
• To have regular online meetings with other trainers and the project coordinator in order to plan the training
• To develop the latest version of the daily programme latest 2 weeks before the training
• To develop the relevant session outlines latest 2 weeks before the training
• To be present at the training and implement their tasks in a collective way
• To have daily evaluation with the project coordinator during the training
• To prepare a final report which needs to be submitted to the project coordinator latest 3 weeks after the training
• Senior trainers need to provide support to junior trainer and work on development of their skills during the preparation and in the training, providing them with relevant learning experience.
• To develop and finalize the guidebook with newly developed and tested non-formal education activities/tools/approaches
• To closely follow up the developments within the processes be responsible for the outcomes of the programme.
Number of participants: 3
Additional infos: Financial matters:

Fee for senior trainer is 120 per day, gross amount. Fee for junior trainer is 60 EUR per day, gross amount. Travel costs within travel costs limits and visa costs (if any) are covered by YEU 100%

Number of working days is 7. Team should be available for 1 day preparation meeting prior to the activity.

If selected, all the details including YEU Code of Conduct, Golden rules, junior support, deadlines, tasks and conditions will be stated in the contract between trainers and YEU.
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