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Call for trainers of ‘ToTo - Empowering Trainers and Organisers’ training course

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Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Start: 05/12/2019
End: 14/12/2019
Deadline: 31/07/2019 23:59 (CET)
Description of event: Call for trainers for ‘ToTo - Empowering Trainers and Organisers’ training course
05/12/2019 – 14/12/2019 (Brussels, Belgium)

YEU is opening a call for 4 Senior trainer and 4 Junior trainers in relation to the training course ‘ToTO - Empowering Trainers and Organisers’, taking place in Brussels in the period of December 5th-14th, 2019

Overview of the project

The project involves two activities, two training courses which will take place at the same time in the same place (Brussels, Belgium) from December 5th-14th, 2019

Both TCs will involve the 38 participants in a series of educational elements: some of them performed separately between two training courses and some together. Both training courses will include standard elements which derive from the principles of non-formal education such as:

* get to know each other, ice breaking and team building activities
* expressing expectations, youthpass guidance, daily reflection and evaluation activities
* reflection groups * development of new events/projects workshops
* innovations in NFE * learning to learn

Apart from those, the training course A1 “Training of trainers” will involve the following content related elements:
* theory related to non-formal education
* sharing non-formal education tools
* theory related to experiential learning
* developing facilitation skills
* quality standards in delivering NFE activities.

The training course A2 Training course “Training of organisers” will involve the following content related elements:
* theory related to project management and innovative PM techniques like SCRUM, Agile
* theory and practice related to volunteers management
* communication skills
* budget management information
* quality standards in organising youth events.

A1 and A2 will also have connected activities:
* Team building and group formation will be made for both trainings together in order to start developing concept of the TEAM from the beginning
* Projects/local and international activities development workshops will be performed also in mixed groups between trainers and organisers
* In order to provoke some knowledge exchange, reflection groups will be mixed between trainers and organisers to foster discussions and understanding of different role.
Final evaluation and all evening activities will be joined in order to continue socialisation, group dynamics building and TEAM concept support


The main goal of the project is to develop capacities of partners and of their trainers and organisers, in order to equip them with innovative and useful tools and competencies to work in youth events and programs at the local and European levels

Specific objectives:
• To explore and develop training and organising competencies for new trainers/organisers and to improve skills for already experienced ones;
• To review, improve and strengthen knowledge and competencies in working as trainers and organisers in non-formal educational settings and in the youth field in general;
• To foster understanding and facilitating of individual and group learning processes;
• To develop the concept of “Team” in youth events/projects (responsibilities, co-working, quality standards, etc.);
• To prepare and propose intercultural collaboration-based projects/youth events;
• To increase the quality of events and programs in the youth field.

Expected results

-Quality of support systems for youth activities developed and capabilities of youth workers improved
-Young people (18-30) motivated to take part in YEU PET (Pool of Trainers) and to become active trainers and organisers in the youth sector.
-Online publication of specific hints (tips & tricks) for trainers and organisers engaging in youth events and projects.

Please apply here no later than July 31st 2019. Selection results will be communicated to applicants by mid-August 2019.

This project is supported by JINT through Erasmus plus programme.
Selection criteria: Financial matters:

Fee for a senior trainer is 120 per day, gross amount. Fee for a junior trainer is 60 EUR per day, gross amount. Travel costs within travel costs limits and visa costs (if any) are covered by YEU 100%.
Number of working days is 7. Team should be available for 1 day preparation meeting prior to the activity.
Number of participants: 8
Additional infos: Trainers profile

We are looking for 4 senior trainer and 4 junior trainers to be part of the team of this training course.
Priority will be given to YEU PET members and to trainers that most closely meet these criteria:

• Have competence in working with young people (especially with young people from marginalized groups)
• Have knowledge and experience on topics covered by the training
• Are willing to collaborate and work for the benefit of the project with respect of deadlines set by YEU
• Are proficient users of English language

Responsibilities of the trainers will be:

• To have regular online meetings with other trainers and the project coordinator in order to plan the training.
• To develop the latest version of the daily programme latest 2 weeks before the training.
• To develop the relevant session outlines latest 2 weeks before the training.
• To be present at the training and implement their tasks in a collective way.
• To have daily evaluation with the project coordinator during the training.
• To prepare a final report which needs to be submitted to the project coordinator latest 3 weeks after the training.
• Senior trainers need to provide support to junior trainer and work on them on development of their skills during the preparation and in the training providing them with relevant learning experience.
• To develop and finalize the publication.
• To closely follow up the developments within the processes and be responsible for the outcomes of the programme.

If selected, all the details including YEU Code of Conduct, Golden rules, junior support, deadlines, tasks and conditions will be stated in the contract between trainers and YEU.
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